Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm Pretty Sure I Lost My Mind

Since the JR crafting was going so well, I figured tonight was as good a night as any to get the gingerbread train and the 3 year old friendly Christmas ornaments made.

I opened up the Wilton version of the gingerbread train (BIG mistake, I shoulda picked a generic) and began reading the instructions. 
It only took me about 2 seconds into the "You Will Also Need" list to change my game plan.

You Will Also Need:
rolling pin, granulated sugar, small angled spatula, paring knife, cornstarch, ruler

I told the boys we'd just decorate the premade train pieces, no need to put it together in 3-D form cause...I'd let them eat it right away!

Had they known the Bill Cosby "dad is great, he gives us chocolate cake" song, they'd have been rewriting it starring me.

And I totally let them do the whole thing. 

And I mean, everything.

Not only did I let a 3 year old squeeze their own icing

I let twin 3 year olds do it. 
At the same time!

And they were so busy, they were actually polite. 
This is a picture taken after the words "please pass" were said!

Piano, biking, or cookie decorating...the tongue will come out.

And then things took a turn for the not so Christmas card worthy.
And I was totally fine with it.

While Kyle was in the bathroom cleaning up from making a cookie that looks like this

I turned around to find Reed doing this
And if you're wondering if I own those fancy Wilton frosting bags, naw, they came with the kit.

After finishing "the train" (the last cookies of the row are the pieces we should have cut into threes to "brace" the other train pieces together (uhhh, okay)
I figured they were jacked-up on frosting and candy enough to whip up some ornaments.

Which they did.

Red frosting face and all.

Yep, it's missing an eye. 
Small things get lost in small hands.

And I am now declaring that my mom Christmas crafting/baking/merry-ment making duties are officially completed.


Anonymous said...

YOU are Wonder Woman. Those 3 put the MERRY in CHRISTMAS. MR

Tiffany Bleger said...

Aww... What cuties! Good job mom!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Christmas mom, I know the boys loved it.
Merry Christmas!
Love ya....