Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So I thought I'd show you what I did new this year in the Christmas department.

This is my favorite tree. 
My mom loaded me down with gingerbread men, and then I added the yard ornament candy canes.  Kyle is my Christmas tree light turner on-er, and he tells me every night, "Mommy, this is my favorite tree."
And though Kyle hasn't tried to eat the giant candy canes, he has engaged in quite a few "sword fights" with Reed.

This bookshelfy thing usually sits behind my couch, but I moved it into my kitchen this year.  It's been a perfect place to display all my smaller trees. 

 Soooo glad my DELI sign is red.  It goes perfect with Christmas decorations!

I call this my Snow Baby Tree.  I picked these blue ornaments up at Pier 1 after Christmas and had no idea what I'd do with them.  I love how they look with the icicles.

I surprised JR with a Cub Scout tree for his room.  He squealed when he saw it, so I guess that means he likes it.

And finally, though it's not a new tree, it's in a new location. 
Jason had to move the mountain lion to our room so we could put up our big tree in the living room.
I figured the lion wouldn't mind wearing a Texas cowboy hat, even though he's a New Mexican.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your decor with us! I DO LOVE the yard decor candy cane idea--I just might have to copy that idea next year. (with credit to you of course!) We are enjoying a cold snap and some much needed rain, kinda feels like the season.
Love ya...Lu

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the tour. The BS tree is great and so is the GB tree. I'm w/ Lu. The lights really do the trick. Also I want a Deli sign!! If you can't find it after Christmas, you'll know it's in my suitcase. MR

Friedt Family said...

Wow Jan! Can you come and decorate for me too?? I was going to post a picture of our completed Christmas tree but now I think I'll just say "it's done" and leave it at that;-)

GS said...

Wow, they are all my favorite for some reason or another, there is something special in them all. Now I don't feel so bad about not having a tree, I can just look at yours anytime I want to.