Monday, August 18, 2014

Reception 2.0

After a delayed flight yesterday (but what's new) my mom and I rolled in from Seattle at midnight. Which is actually earlier than the nights before, as I was out until 2:30 Friday night (which is 4:30 Houston time!) and even my mom shut down the party Saturday...another 2:30 evening.
The kids woke me up at 7:00 this morning, so if I could find someplace to sneak off and take a nap, that would be pretty awesome.
Mike and Julie's anniversary weekend was fantastic, but I will save the sight-seeing in Seattle bit for tomorrow, as the real fun was the evening activities.
Friday night was a casual reception at The DeLuxe Bar and Grill.
As is usual with a super fun night that includes lots of talking, laughing, and continuing the party in a new location when one shuts down, there weren't many pictures taken, but Aubrey and I got this one with Julie and her sister, Emily.
The big anniversary party was Saturday night at Melrose Market Studios.
Everything was perfection (the food, the drinks, the decor) and my only complaint is I was so sore from dancing all night I could hardly move yesterday.
And least you think I'm just out of shape...Julie made sure that every good song that has ever been created was played.  There was at least 4 hours of dancing.
Most of these pictures are pre-dance floor since post-dance floor all of us looked like a big, sweaty mess.
Mother-daughter fanciness.
Don't let this picture fool you, as I like to say, "in real life she's taller than me."
I can't compete with Aubrey's duck face, so I don't even try!
Here we have the anniversary couple, Mike and Julie, on the left and our friend, Mike, on the right.
Mike and I have known each other since 6th grade.  Not only were we the 6th grade students of the month (for the month of September) at Creekwood Middle School, but we were both in the speech and debate club and spent our middle school weekends going to tournaments.
Yes, we all go way back. 
Here's all the Kingwood "kids" together.
(And I say "kids" because other "parents" were mom, our friend Jodi's mom and dad, and our friend, Jeff's mom)
I have known everyone in this picture since I was 11, except Chad and Mike on the left...they had to wait until the summer after 8th grade to meet the rest of us awesomenesses in this picture.
And my favorite picture of the night.
When Julie and I were on drill team in high school we had to wear bright red lipstick for games. Julie has had Angelina Jolie lips since before Angelina Jolie made them famous. One Halloween my mom found some red, wax lips and got them for Julie.  Julie would wear them at football games and it became a running joke.
At the party my mom handed Julie a bag to which she said, "This better be a bag of red, wax lips!"
I've never been to a Reception 2.0 before, but I'm pretty sure nothing else could ever come close to competing with this one!

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