Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm Late on the First Day

My dad told me this morning that he was up at 5AM this morning to look at the first day of school pictures and there were none to be found.
I have an excellent excuse, I was planning on taking an "after" the first day of school picture and including it, but then pick-up took extra long, and we had football practice.
I had no idea how to put on all the accoutrement that is required to play football, so I had to call Grandpa Gary to come help. 
I rushed them to the football field with Granny Sherry where Jason met me, and we left from there to  go to the Aerosmith concert (more on that awesomeness tomorrow).
Which means I rolled in from the first day of school at midnight, and picture posting didn't happen.
But here's what they looked like. A 5th grader and 2 firsties.

Everyone was happy at pick-up and said they loved it.
(I'm not sure JR actually said he "loved it" but he said, "Yo, What's up, Homie?" when he got in the car so I'm pretty sure that means he had a good day.)
And since I forgot the after the first day of school picture, here's what they looked like this morning going to their 2nd day of school.  At least they're smiling.

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Angie Vik said...

That's so fun that your Dad reads your blog and commented that you hadn't posted something. That's sweet that he's up to date on what's happening in your kid's lives. My husband has an aunt that keeps me on my toes. She sends an occasional email - "Are you okay? You haven't posted in awhile."