Sunday, January 25, 2009

He's Got Tricks In Him

One of Ayi's favorite things to do when we lived in China was to show off JR's Chinese skills. I think I've mentioned before that JR didn't really talk until he was 3, so Ayi found other ways to make sure everybody knew she was teaching JR Chinese. When JR was about 15 months they had a whole routine worked up. He would point to his eyes, ears, head, etc. as she would call out the body parts in Chinese. But really, what's a routine without a big finish? And it never failed, JR and Ayi's big finish always brought the Chinese people watching to tears of laughter. Jason and I never understood why she taught him this, or exactly why it was funny, but the end of their routine went like this:

Ayi: JR, Késou. (translation: JR, Cough.)

JR: Acugh-Achug (JR makes fake coughing sounds)

Chinese laugh.

Ayi: JR, Mā-mā Tìpen . (JR, Sneeze like your mom.)

JR: Achoo-Achoo-Achoo-Achoo-Achoo!

Chinese laugh and laugh, run over to hug and kiss JR, then give him candy or anything else they might have in their pockets.

I guess JR's now too old for their big fake sneeze routine, so Ayi has started working up new routines for the babies. Kyle's not yet ready for his debut. But as you'll see by the video, Reed's on his way!


Anonymous said...

That is the funnies thing I have seen yet - Ayi has her special way of getting a show going. Love it -can't wait for Kyle's debut!

Anonymous said...

How funny! Happy Chinese New Year!!! BANG! BANG!!! POP!! POP!! (Those are firecrackers to help you celebrate.) Maw-Maw

Me Me Me said...

He's so advanced!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Good job Reed! I just love it.