Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Identity Crisis

Poor Kyle and Reed. They have so many nicknames it'll be a wonder if they ever learn their real names. (At 5 JR still has trouble with his initials being his name. If you ask him his full name he'll tell you "JR Ingersoll John Robert". He knows John Robert has something to do with his name, but he's certainly not giving up that JR.) Jason and I have gotten better at referring to them by their names, though if I'm speaking about them together I call them "The Babies". Of course if we're stressed for time we do revert back to calling them "Mine" and "Yours". Jason's dad refers to them as "Ronnie" and "Donnie" which are his middle and younger brothers' names. Donnie is fabled to have lived a charmed life while growing up, so Jason was sure to call his dad and tease him that he and "Donnie" were going to upgrade to First Class for our flight to Albuquerque while the rest of us sat in the back. Poor Reed has gotten slammed with all kinds of nicknames from Jason's dad. Besides "Donnie", he also refers to him as "Alien" and "Casper"...a nod to both his preemie look and his pale white skin. Kyle has managed to skip the other nicknames since he's always told, "It's like looking in a mirror...you're so handsome!" when being held by Grandpa Gary. Now that Ayi is here, the boys have added two more nicknames to the list. "Da Di Di" (sounds like it's spelled) and "Shao Di Di" (sounds like "Shout" without the t). Which literally translated means "big little brother" and "little little brother". Oh yes, along with all those other nicknames, Reed is now known as "Little Little Brother". Leave it to the Chinese to be completely literal. Poor Reed, can't we give him just one tough guy nickname? Maybe Jason and I can start calling him something like "Hacksaw" or "Sledgehammer". Although that might not be much better. When the poor child starts school he'll spend the whole morning just trying to write his name on his paper..."Sledgehammer Ingersoll".


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of both of them!!! Cute as they are any ole nickname will do.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Little Little Brother and Big Little Brother sounds pretty cute. Maw-Maw

Seth and Beth said...

I agree with Granny Sherry...call them what you want, they are adorable no matter what!!:-)