Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My New BFFs

Of course I love a good costume, so how could I not fall in love with the kids' club on Royal Caribbean when I picked my child up one day looking like this:

They had spent the morning doing circus activities! 

My sweet tiger

and clown

Then there was superhero night.

And they got introduced to crazy characters

And my favorite of all...

Pirate Night!

They paraded the kids through the main floor of the boat and into the late seating dinner.
They had the kids put on a better routine that they worked on for 30 minutes than any "performance" I've ever seen from JR's school music teacher.

I just assumed Reed was holding some random kid's hand.  After I finished taking his picture I looked up and said, "JR! I didn't even recognize you!" 

 I never expected JR to be wearing face paint.  He's had an aversion to it almost his whole life. 
Guess he got over that fear!

Performing during dinner

JR and Reed parading. 
(That's a "Hi Mommy!" from Reed, not a "Get away Paparazzi" hand.)


GS said...

No wonder they wanted to stay on the boat, forever - what fun and great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Depp, move over. MR

Tiffany said...

Ok, I love that you had to distinguish between the "Hi Mommy" hand and the "get away paparazzi" hand!