Sunday, November 27, 2011

Because We Are Home

Because we made it home today, means we were in Amarillo last night.
And if we were in Amarillo last night, that means we were at....

The Big Texan.

And thankfully, it was just as cheesetasticly awesome as last year (and the year before that).

We almost had a major mishap when Reed decided to play with the Texas flag toothpick that was stuck in a jalapeno.
Poor boy, raising him in Colorado he doesn't know about the "dangers" of jalapenos.
He now knows not to rub one of his eyes after touching anything that's even been near a jalapeno.

But as you can see by his chocolate syrup mustache, he was fine by dessert.

A photo op with the big rocking chair and we called it a (Big Texan) night.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like The Big Texan as you're leaving TEXAS. MR

GS said...

Oh my goodness Reed, that is a hard lesson learned. Thank goodness for chocolate to wipe that hurt away.

Friedt Family said...

You should warn him that it is also not a good idea to rub anywhere after you've eaten the Blazin' sauce at BWW....not that I know from experience....