Monday, November 7, 2011


So with all the candy you saw in our house, you might be wondering how I keep my girlish figure.

But, it just so happened that in the six weeks leading up to Halloween we had a partner weight loss contest in the circuit class I attend at my gym. 
It also just so happened that in the week leading up to those six weeks, I had three different "helpful" comments from the gym trainers/teachers/guys that fold the towels. 

In a week's time I was told:
  • "Oh, it's so hard to loose weight when you're shaped like a gymnast."  (Meaning: Oh, it's so hard to loose weight when you're super short and stocky.)
  • "You've got a body that puts on muscle easily." (Meaning: You also put on fat easily, and you'll never be lean.)
And my personal favorite...
  • "Wow! You've got muscular calves.  Do ski boots even fit over them?" (Meaning: Wow! How do you function in our amazingly fabulous Durangoan lifestyle with those giant Texas legs?)

    Needless to say with all those "words of encouragement" I figured I better participate in the circuit contest.

    I complained nonstop to our trainer about how unfair the contest was since it was strictly measured by weight loss. I argued that there was no way I could ever win a weight loss contest and it should be measured by weight loss percentage, attendance to circuit class, or measurements.  Our trainer told me we were doing it his way, and I better find a partner that could loose weight if I wanted to win.

    So that's just what I did. 
    I forced recruited my friend, Kylie, who at almost six feet tall is the complete opposite body type to me, to be my partner and.....

    Kylie went on the HCG diet and lost 12 pounds. 
     I worked my tail off in the gym and lost a pound and half. 

    But no matter, with a 14 pound total loss (they rounded up for me) we were the overall winners and each won a free 60 minute massage!
    Ohhh yeah!


    GS said...

    And might I add, you both look SUPER!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I agree with Sherry, but might I add, "Where did you get that body shape from? Certainly not Daddy or me!" MR

    Marcia said...

    At least the foot massager in China didn't call you "sturdy" while making 'muscle arms' as he did me. I think you look fab! kisses xoxoxxoxo