Monday, November 14, 2011

Parading and Proud

Friday was Veteran's Day, and I couldn't have been more excited that JR remembered (from last year) that both of his grandfathers are veterans.
They also had a little Veteran's Day lesson at school (and from what I can gather) JR told the class all about proper flag etiquette.  (Thank you, Cub Scouts!)

Of course, those flag respecting Cub Scouts hit the streets for the annual Veteran's Day parade again this year.

I dressed Kyle and Reed in camo thinking it was Veteran's Day-y, but when they decided they needed to wear the flag bandannas too, I couldn't help thinking they looked just like Rambo!

Kyle was refusing to have his picture made, until it was time for a Scout group shot.  And wouldn't you know it...he totally snuck in! (Sorry for the X-rated portion of the picture, Kyle's Miss Muffin Bear seems to be mooning you.)


Anonymous said...

Did you know that their great grandfather served in France in the 1st World War? Nice to see the kids honoring those in the military--we owe them a lot!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with JoAnn. JR looks adorable in uniform. Looks like the twins were celebrating also. MR

GS said...

And their Great Grandfather on Jason's side also served in World War I along with their great uncles in Japan and Korea. They did a great job honoring them all.