Wednesday, April 23, 2014

And Here's Your Next Book Report

I was talking to a mom at school pick-up yesterday and I mentioned something about how my kids didn't like all the homework.  Then she added "and there's a lot of projects".
Oh, yeah, but I thought the dislike of projects was just understood.
JR had a book report to turn in today.  The reading part wasn't hard for him (he read it in less than 2 days), and the answering questions about the book wasn't hard for him (if you actually read a book, it's surprisingly easy to answer questions about it).
It's the craft portion of the report that kills him.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
JR has his niche in the arts world (theater, singing, even his dancing has gotten better). 
But the visual arts is not his thing.
And seriously, what is he going to learn about the book by making a diorama of it?
Um, nothing.
This project actually cracks me up because I had to do a project of Joan of Arc in the 4th grade.  I took a Barbie doll, cut off her hair, tied her up and added fake flames.
This is pretty similar except we pulled the head off a baby doll (I made the clothes), and substituted fake flames for army men. 
His diorama is so "awesome" you can probably name the book even if you haven't read it.

That's right. It's Gulliver's Travels.
And you now have your next book report diorama ready to'll just have to make your own, cause, ya know...this one is being saved for Kyle.

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Anonymous said...

Love the diorama. Let's hope that's the last project. MR