Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not Sure What I've Got Here

I'm usually good at deleting pictures off my phone once I put them in the computer (and usually blog about them).
Since I haven't been great at blogging, I haven't been great at cleaning out my phone.
So here's a collection of pictures without a theme, that have been sitting on my phone, and needed a place to go.
This one is from way back on New Year's Eve. Reed snuggling with Maggie after skiing in Crested Butte. 
(Maggie doesn't look nearly as thrilled as Reed.)

 Reed's other favorite thing besides dogs? Going to school. 
I secretly took this of him when I dropped him off.  He was the first one there, and went right in and got  to work. 
 He is the textbook definition of "teacher pleaser".  (For the record: the other two are not.)

A rare moment of brotherly love (at an IHOP) between these two (the non teacher pleasers).

Not a rare moment, these two get along fine.

 Kyle's face just cracks me up.
Cassidy and the boys came to Houston and had lunch with us one day during spring break.
Koen and Kyle have identical missing front teeth.
This statue is right by the bathrooms at Benihana's.  Kyle said, "Look mom, I can see its boobies and its privates!"  Not knowing what to say I said, "you want me to take your picture with it?"
As you can see, the answer was 'yes.'

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That Kyle! How funny! MR