Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pot Boiling

One of our silent auction "winnings" from the JDF ball was a gift certificate to the Melting Pot.  Luckily, Jason read the fine print and figured out it expired at the end of April.
Not wanting it to go to waste, we were in a mad rush to get ourselves there.
We took the kids along for their first fondue experience.  We told them it was kinda like Benihana's since there's cooking at the table, but we would be doing the cooking.
Poor Kyle couldn't get the name right and called it everything from "Pot Boiling" to "The Melting Spot".
Jason and I learned that fondue with just us (or other adults) is about a million times easier than with 3 kids, but they loved it. 
Now they're not sure if Benihana's is still their favorite since 
they got pretty swayed during the chocolate portion of the evening. (But who doesn't?)

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Anonymous said...

YUM!!! Looks like they were having fun. MR