Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Talk: Sunday Driver

Kyle: Reed! Look over there, drive that way.
Reed: Oh yeah, I'm on it, bro!

K: Hey girls, How's it going?
R: Check us out, pretty sweet wheels, huh?
K: Y'all wanna ride?
R: Dude, Mom won't like us bring girls home yet.
K: Yeah, You're probably right, she treats us like such babies.
R: Ummm, we gotta get going, maybe we'll catch you later.
K: Give us your digits and I'll text ya sometime.
R: Make sure and "friend me" on facebook!

R: Dude, turn around and sit down...try and look cool.
K: I know, man, I was just giving them one more glimpse of my winning smile!


Me Me Me said...

Oh my goodness how cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is too funny - I haven't seen those wheels - has Santa already visited our little lady killers - the girls don't stand a chance - are they taking their own car to Durango or will they ride with Mom and Pops???


Sue said...

You keep making my day with your blog. Keep it up. ...SueR

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOL - too funny!!! - tina

Kellie - Mother Of Twins said...

Just came across this post and it gave me a real laugh! I have twin boys, as well.