Friday, December 5, 2008

Flight Good News/Bad News

Good news: The flight home wasn't full, Jason and I each had an aisle seat with the middle seat open.
Bad news: Although they got the window seat, random people were still stuck sitting on the same row with us.

Good news: The flight home was a million times better than the flight there.
Bad news: These poor children will have to hear how JR has been a "perfect flier since he was a baby" their entire lives.

Good news: Both babies slept a little bit after take-off.
Bad news: They probably only slept 15 minutes, as I wasn't even able to scan the entire Sky Mall and Jason wasn't even able to get in a quick snooze.

Good news: The babies were entertained with drinking apple juice and eating Cheerios.
Bad news: I poured some Cheerios in a cup thinking Kyle could reach in and get a few at a time. He got overly excited at the site of the Cheerios and ripped the cup out of my hand, sending Cheerios flying through the air and covering the aisle. After a few people walked by going to the bathroom, smushed Cheerios lined the aisle.

Good news: I was able to somewhat entertain both babies for most of our descent.
Bad news: Everybody surrounding us had to endure my renditions of: Wheels on the Bus, BINGO, and Old McDonald had a Farm.

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