Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sleeping On The Job

I know I'm usually quite militant about getting my blog postings up, but seems like this Christmas I've been really worn out. Humm, I can't imagine why...let's see: there's the entertaining of JR, Kyle, and Reed, getting the house presentable for people to come over, all the behind the scenes Santa operations, keeping my Facebook flair fun and fabulous, and that small detail of being ready for the packers to come TOMORROW! At this very moment I'm supposed to be writing thank you notes (those will be late this year), and packing up things that we need for the next 8-10 days. But instead, I deemed updating my blog was way more important.
All things Christmas were very nice. I know the rest of the country is covered under snow, so please remember we live in Texas when you see that JR is shirtless in every picture. I had a nice shirt picked out for him for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but he refused. What can I say...he's a little McConaughey. Jason and I have been referring to him as "The Shirtless Wonder". Christmas was just another day to the babies. I really thought they'd like ripping wrapping paper, but of course the time their allowed to tear something up, they just sat there like perfect angels. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
The Shirtless Wonder surveying his Christmas Eve loot.

JR's main concern for his thank you note to Santa was that he told him we were moving so he would know where to bring the presents next year.

Kyle seemed to like his new pacifiers best.

Check out my new super cute scarf. Granny Sherry knitted it for me!

Cute little elves!

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