Friday, December 12, 2008

ORANGE I a Happy Girl!

JR had one of his school friends over to play yesterday. (I know that's called a "play date" but for some reason that term rubs me the wrong's just kids playing with each other, do we have to give it such a formal and fancy name?) It was a beautiful day yesterday, and they spent over an hour picking oranges (the ones they could reach) off our orange tree, loading them in the back of JR's 4-wheeler, driving them to the backyard, and then unloading them into our gazebo. So, why is this exciting news? Look in JR's hand. Do you see it? It's an ORANGE! Yesterday was the first day in JR's entire life that he's touched a piece of fruit. I was in shock. I think we're making real progress here. He even told me, "Mommy! Look, I'm touching these oranges." He then quickly followed up with, "But I'm still not going to eat them." Fine by me, I'm just happy he's touching step forward!


Anonymous said...

Cute game. I didn't know you had that MANY oranges. MR

Me Me Me said...

Baby steps! Does he at least drink juice? Have you tried mixing it with sprite with a splash of cherry juice? That might not work for JR, but it's yummy!