Thursday, December 4, 2008

JR Hearts Snow

My child that's only interested in being outside if it somehow involves water or hunting might actually play outside here in Durango. JR, known for his famous quote, "I had to come inside to get some fresh air", is really more of an inside guy. That's why Jason and I were shocked that he played OUTSIDE the entire time we were house hunting. He loved the snow; he couldn't get enough of it. He even made us pull the car over so he could run play in a new fresh patch. The house we picked has a nice hill right in our backyard, which the realtor (and across the street neighbor) told us was perfect for sledding. Guess we'll have to buy a sled. And something else called a "snow blower". When told for the need of a snow blower Jason said, "I have a leaf blower, will that work?" Laughter followed all around, so I guess that's a "no". We'll be heading back to Houston tomorrow, and we're already gearing up for the big flight...As Kate from J&K+8 would say, "I'm exhausted just thinking about it".

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget your benedryl, well, Kyle and Reeds benedryl, your wine :) Love you guys!! ~Emily