Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Winter in a Day

Back in my teaching days I used to teach a short story called, "All Summer in a Day" written by Ray Bradbury. In the story the kids live on Venus and they only have 1 hour of sunshine every 7 years. Of course during that hour the kids are let out of school to run around and experience "summer". It started "snowing" here this afternoon while JR was a taekwondo, and I was sad he was missing it (I know, I just need to wait a month and he'll get to see it snow plenty of times). But being a native Houstonian, it's a HUGE deal to see snow falling from the Texas sky. When I picked JR from taekwondo (it was already done snowing)
he said, "Mommy! It snowed!"
Me: Did you see it?!
JR: Yes! Master Lee let us run outside and see it!
That was when I was reminded of "All Summer in a Day". Master Lee let a class full of kids run outside and see it snow, and I was thrilled he let them do that. Here in Houston we've got "All Winter in a Day". It was hot and humid yesterday, "snow" today, and it's supposed to be sunny and 58 tomorrow. And because it was too warm for the snow to stick on the ground, I took a picture of the snow on my sleeve for proof!

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Anonymous said...

Everything is covered with snow here at Windy Hill. It snowed for about an hour. Hard to believe.