Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joseph's Entourage

My most famous friend, Joseph, is in Houston this week and spent the day with me yesterday. (I know a lot of you are thinking, "What?! I thought I was Jan's most famous friend?!" Well, today we are defining "famous" as somebody who sings, acts, or dances for a living....and although many of us think we are quite fabulous at those things, we don't actually earn a living doing them.) I'm sure the opera community is appalled at my lack of hospitality towards Joseph. I'm sure opera stars are used to the 5 star treatment, but in the Ingersoll household opera stars are told, "I'm so glad you're here...now come help me run all my errands!" I'd like to think that if I ever spent the day with Mz. Britney Spears, I'd feel comfortable enough to treat her the same way...although since she is Britney, I might offer her some cheese grits.

We started off the day at HEB where I forgot to take a picture, but we soon found ourselves at Marshall's so I could return something. As you can see, I found the boys shopping in "Petites" and "Intimate Apparel". Being that Joseph is one of my former students, I don't want to know anything about his "intimate apparel", but I do know that at 6'4" he's got no business in the "petites"!

We made our way to the mall where Joseph's first chore was to be my smell tester for all things Bath and Body Works.

JR is singing at chapel on Thursday and I was instructed to send him in Christmas clothes. Joseph picked out this cute green sweater for JR at the Children's Place since it has Christmas colors without being a "Christmas sweater" and since JR looks better in green than red. JR's version of "Christmas wear" would be Spiderman wearing a Santa hat, so I think we made the better choice.

We also headed over to Hobby Lobby. This is about the time the cold front blew through and I was freezing! I was too cold to get an appropriate picture, so here we are with some frame matting we bought.

After all our hard work shopping we finally got to have some lunch at Berryhill's Tamales. Yummm! When we got home Joseph even wrapped some of my Christmas presents, which is the BEST Christmas present he could have ever given me. I'm the worst present wrapper on the face of the planet, but I think I'll save that for another blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! Wish I had been running around with y'all. MR

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun filled day for all the children 'big and little' and prductive too!!

Anonymous said...

When did JD become Joseph? I must have missed something.
The shopping trip looked like lots of fun..Lu

Jan said...

I still call him JD, but everybody calls him Joseph now. I told him I like to think of "Joseph" as his stage name...although it is his real name ;-)