Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Look Like An Elf!

Today was JR's "big" performance in chapel. I don't have a picture of him singing since I was busy videoing it (with a baby in my arms I might add) so I only got some shots of them lining up to go back to class. I think this picture is hilarious. There's obviously some kind of tiff going on directly in front of JR, but nobody seems to notice, and from the looks of the other kids, something mildly entertaining must have been going on just about everywhere else. You'll notice both JR and another boy in the back are wearing shorts. It was 76 degrees today here in sunny Houston, I'm sure JR had that sweater off his body as soon as they got back to the room! He was super excited about his sweater though. After he got dressed this morning he said, "Mommy! I look like an elf!" I have a feeling I might get the same response in a few years when I hand him something to wear, but I doubt it will be said with such delight and excitement. Granny Sherry came with me to watch him and the babies were good. They pretty much did what I would have expected them to do. Reed ate Cheerios out of Granny Sherry's hand, and Kyle stood in my lap looking over my shoulder and flirted with the 3 year old girl behind us. I'm sure her parents were thrilled since she was quite taken with Kyle, and flirted back the whole time. Speaking of the flirting habits of the Ingersoll men, my eldest told me today: "Mommy, Claire smells really good."
Me: Really? What does she smell like?
JR: Flowers.
Me: Did you tell her she smells good?
JR: No. It's bad manners to sniff people, so I didn't tell her.


Marcia said...

does the boy in the bright red polo button down not realize that he is Justin Suarez from Ugly Betty in 2 min? What caused all the drama?

Jan said...

LOL! I don't know! I guess I was like the kids, I didn't notice...and that's so unlike me to miss any drama that might be going on!

Seth and Beth said...

That picture is priceless!! The boy on the left has clearly just said a word the boy on the right is appalled by:-) Love it!

Anonymous said...

And might GS add that JR, you were the best looking and most well mannered of all. That cannot always be truely said I am sure, but this time it was the truth and a granny said so and that makes it the truth!!!

Kristi said...

that picture is priceless! Cute sweater, JR!