Saturday, December 27, 2008

Somewhat Roughing It

I'm low on stories to entertain you with today. We're semi roughing it around here since we have 1 TV, no washer/dryer, and no fridge. Our necessities are in a big pile in the kitchen floor. It would be great if we could leave today, but this moving situation almost feels like we're back in Communist China since it seems everybody has a different job, and can ONLY do THEIR job. The guys yesterday packed, but didn't pack any furniture, take things out of drawers, or touch anything in the attic. Today's crew crated our flat screen, unhooked the waterline from the fridge, and unhooked the washer/dryer. No crews work on Sunday, so tomorrow we'll be hanging out until the Monday crew comes and packs up the rest of our stuff and loads everything on the truck. I will say this has been our easiest move so far. When packing for China I had to make 3 piles:
1. things going into storage (things I wouldn't see for 3 years)
2. things going to China (that I wouldn't see for a month)
3. a month's worth of necessities that we could pack and take with us
Moving back to Houston I had 2 piles:
1. things going to Houston (that I wouldn't see for 6 months since our house wasn't finished)
2. things going to Houston that I would need in the next 6 months that I could pack
The Durango move pales in comparison:
1. pull a weeks worth of clothes and the bottles for the babies
So easy it's almost scary!

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