Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back in Time

In Johnson City we finally made it to the living history farm. 
(The whole reason my dad wanted to go to Johnson City in the first place.) 

It's a German farmhouse and everything is done as it was in 1918. 
 The park rangers wear period clothing (Poor things. Period clothing is seriously hot in Texas!), do the farm and household chores as they were done at that time, (except state law now prohibits "slopping pigs") and they also interact with the visitors.

Of course I couldn't help but laugh that we drove all the way to the Texas hill country to see a German farm house that looked exactly like the German-Jew-Presbyterian house my mom was raised in.

And then the kids had the most fun with the animals they see every day.

Guess what my dad decided to add to his poultry collection after our visit...

The park rangers showed the kids a great time, but they were most excited to help gather eggs.

They don't gather eggs at PawPaw's since PawPaw's eggs have baby chicks (and not breakfast) inside!


GS said...

Is that Thanksgiving dinner that Paw Paw is fixin to add to his poultry collection? Of course, knowing Paw Paw's love for his poultry, I do realize that they would be more apt to be eating Thanksgiving dinner along side us than to be what is being served.

SHelly said...

When I was about Kyle and Reed's age we had two turkeys. I hated them; they were so mean to me because I was so little. Fortunately their names were Thanksgiving and Christmas so eventually I got my revenge.