Friday, July 22, 2011

Fredericksburg Fabulous Friday

Our road trip continued on to Fredericksburg, which is known as a romantic getaway or girl's weekend kind of a town.

Obviously with my parents and 3 kids in tow, we weren't experiencing Fredericksburg the way it's intended.

Instead of spending the day touring wineries, lunching at small cafes, and/or shopping in fun little boutiques, we:

watched animated, dancing salsa bottles

had my dad babysit on park benches as my mom and I ran in-and-out of stores in record time

and posed for pictures with giant cowboy M&M's.
(Do you see the sign advertising the chocolate covered bacon? We didn't try it, but a couple passing by told us it was really good.)

The whole family did spend a really enjoyable hour in one of the Christmas stores.

And the term 'really enjoyable' isn't laced with one drop of sarcasm. 
Christmas decorating genes run strong in this family!

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Anonymous said...

Now that is a truly Texan type of vacay! Looks like fun to me--I love Fredericksburg!