Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Off The Hook

I was trying to think of something JR would enjoy doing this summer, and remembered how much I liked to latch hook when I was his age.

I bought him a kit, opened it up....and couldn't remember how to latch hook at all.

My dad used to latch hook with me, and he too, couldn't remember.

I assumed there was a You Tube video out there to show me how, but I was in a rush to get to Dallas for our Britney Spears extravaganza. (Priorities!)

I told JR I'd figure it out when I got back, and my dad said, "Oh that's okay, I'll get Freddie (my dad's farm hand) to show him how."
Me: Daddy! Freddie's not going to know how to latch hook!
My dad: Sure he will. I'll just let him read the directions. 
(Directions, which obviously, my dad and I couldn't figure out.)

While I was gone I didn't give any thought to my dad assigning Freddie the job of JR's craft mentor, and was able to get a latching refresher course from my friend, Kelly's, sons since they were latch hooking this summer too.

But sure enough, when I got home, there were two or three latch hook squares finished. 

I turned to my dad and said, "Oh! You remembered how!"
My dad: No. Freddie did it.

Of course he did.

But in all seriousness, JR is so proud of his little project.  We made it into a pillow and he can't wait to put in on his bed at home.


Anonymous said...

JR, your latchhook dog looks great. I LOVE it. Maybe you can teach me . Maw Maw

Friedt Family said...

Wow, JR has some serious latch hook skills! Obviously Freddie is a good teacher too:-)

GS said...

How cool - great job JR!