Thursday, August 5, 2010

With a House Full of Boys, I'll Count This One as Minor

Tuesday night during dinner Jason was telling me his dream from the night before. Then I said, "Oh, I dreamed Reed fell in a hole."
As I was putting Reed to bed he said, "Mommy, I don't want to fall in a hole." I laughed and told him that he wasn't going to fall in a hole, I had just dreamed that.
But poor thing did fall yesterday, not in a hole, but down the stairs. (We have wood stairs so it really does hurt to fall down them. I have first hand experience.) He fell face first, and it could have been a bad situation had Kyle not been sitting below him taking off his shoes. Kyle absorbed Reed's fall, and needless to say, both think they were hurt the worst.
Reed will tell me he hurt his face when he fell down the stairs, but then Kyle is quick to report that he was "hurt when Reed fell on me."
I'm not sure who hurts the most, but poor Reed did wake up from his nap yesterday with a bruise on face. What is it about Reed and injuring his face?!
But since there was no permanent scaring or trip to the emergency room, I'll call this one a success!


GS said...

Oh, poor baby, Grandmother's shouldn't be allowed to see the pics, it looks a lot worse than it is I am sure. I guess Kyle escaped with no scaring for his act of heroism in breaking the fall.

Tiffany said...

Oh poor baby! I wonder how many times they will compare bruises as they get older? Give them both lots of kisses for me. Can't wait to see you guys!