Monday, August 23, 2010

And Here's The Proper Post

I got JR settled in his class without a hitch this morning, due largely in part to Kyle and Reed's backpacks. (As you can see they thought the water fountains were amazing. ) You might notice the tail coming off Kyle's backpack. The backpacks are monkeys, and that tail doubles as a leash...hence the reason we were able to get in and out without making a scene.

JR said he had a good day, not a lot of details, so we're going with no news is good news. Here he is after getting off the bus.

I got him a cake donut pan as a first day of school surprise. He was thrilled and wanted to get right to work making donuts as soon as he got home...and took off his shirt.

I just had to get a close up since they came out so cute!


Anonymous said...

I want one of those. MR

Miss. Jinny said...

Oh I love them! :) Happy first day of school JR! I pray that God uses you in a big way this year at school! You are such a sweet little man and I know God has great things in store for you! Love you!

I love the monkey backpacks they are so stinking cute and funny! :) Great idea! :)

GS said...

He is the same perfect little gentleman getting home as he was when he left. The 'no news is good news' is a great way to go. It is the 'don't look in my back pack' days ya gotta watch out for. Good Job JR - for your first day and for the donuts.