Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3rd Take 2

Our big plan has always been to hold JR back a grade when we moved.
(He got put in kindergarten mid-year in Durango, and I'm still bitter I don't have a real first day of kindergarten picture.)

I thought holding him back would be easy.
FYI, it's not.

But we got it done.

And so here's our 3rd grader (thank goodness!) this morning.

(He picked out this shirt-over-a-shirt look all himself.)

We LOVE being so close to the school we can ride our bikes.

He was a little nervous this morning, but he had a big smile on his face when we met him at the bike rack this afternoon.

He told us he loved it!
(Said his teacher was really nice, and they had computer lab today.  Total Win-Win.)

He was still smiling when he got home.


Anonymous said...

LOVE that big smile! What a cutie. MR

Friedt Family said...

Looks like a successful day! He has the best smile:-)

Anonymous said...

You really start school early in CO, we don't start til after Labor Day here. Looks like it was a huge success for a first day!!!