Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Fabulous Friday-Color is In!

Last Saturday we were in Colorado Springs with Randi and her family to do the Color Run.
We thought it would be a fun, easy run that the kids would love.
And love it they did.

The premise of the Color Run is to wear all white, and then run through color stations where they throw colored powder on you along the 5K route.

Here are the before pictures with the boys all nice and white.
(They recommended wearing bandannas to cover your mouth from the powder. If you ever do a Color Run, skip the bandannas, but you'll want your sunglasses.)

Ingy boys plus Strand boys

Jason was supposed to run with us, but due to a glitch at our hotel, (we thought we could leave Hunter in the room; we couldn't) he took on the roll of spectator/picture taker/dog babysitter.

The run is great for little kids since they don't time it, and there's lots of fun music along the way.
Here we are getting ready to start.
Reed's busy doing a warm-up dance, and I'm explaining to Kyle that it's okay we walked up to the starting line and we'll have plenty of time to 'run'.

JR took off running with Randi and her family, so I never saw them on the race route.
As you can see, he had a really terrible and miserable time with them.

I told JR he must be really fast to be able to keep up with a Boston Marathoner!

I was super proud of Kyle and Reed.
3.1 miles is a long way for little 4 year old legs (even with the excitement of getting colorful).
They never complained, loved every minute of it, and got lots of encouragement and compliments from the other runners.



Kyle's main concern was if he got to use a port-a-potty.
Reed was most worried what place we were in and how many people we were beating.

Coming across the finish!

After the finish is a big color toss.

So you wind up looking like this.

I know, I know, my shirt looks really white in this picture.
I promise I really did have color on me.

A color-rific day indeed!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Color Race was really fun. What will people think of next?? MR

Angie Vik said...

This sounds like so much fun, and I don't even like to run. What a creative idea for a fun race. That's neat you could do it as a family. I'm amazed your little guys handled it as well as they did. Does the color stay on the shirt or wash out?