Monday, August 6, 2012

Horse Face

I don't like horses.
Never have; probably never will.
They're big, and scary, and I'm always worried they're going to kick me...or run away crazily while I'm hanging on for dear life.

This weekend, at Jason's company picnic, they had the Westernaires bring out ponies for rides.

Thankfully, my kids didn't inherit my fear of equine, and jumped right on.

But even on the other side of the fence, I was still a little nervous. 
I asked Jason, "Aren't ponies mean?"
Jason: They're ponies. They're not mean.
Me: I think they are. I think those Shetland ponies are supposedly really mean.  Is that what those are?

Just look at that pony.
Definitely giving me the stink eye!

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Anonymous said...

I like JR's shoes. MR