Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Little Dates

Jason and I decided we needed to do more one-on-one things with the kids.
JR decided that was a great idea, and asked Jason to take him to Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (He loved it.)

Which meant Kyle, Reed, and I were on our own.

I told them we could go out to eat, and they picked IHOP.
(What is it with my kids thinking diners are classy, fancy restaurants?)

Reed ordered his usual red velvet pancakes.

And if you're thinking, "That's a mighty big plate of pancakes for such a little kid..."
Here's what the plate looked like after he finished.

You'll notice the plate is in the middle of table.
Not because I was sneaking little bites, (I would have loved a taste of those yummies!) but because when he finished he shoved his plate away from him in victory, a la Adam Richmond Man vs. Food style.

And as if we hadn't consumed enough sugar at dinner, we, of course, had to end the evening with a little trip to Golden Spoon.

Sugar coma or not, I certainly had two of the cutest dates around!

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