Thursday, August 23, 2012


The last week and a day might as well have been a year and a day.
Kyle and Reed have been fussing and complaining about JR getting to go school every. single. day.
Today could not have come fast enough for these two.
Pre K at last!
I'm sure you can't tell they're excited or anything.

They pranced inside their classroom like they owned the joint. 
By the time I signed them in, they were already busy washing their hands.
(First thing they're supposed to do when they come in the class.)
And as of today, I officially make three bicycling 1-mile round trips to school.
(drop JR in the morning, drop Kyle and Reed after lunch, pick-up everybody at the end of the day)
If there's a 5K bike race where everybody rides cruisers and has their baskets loaded down with backpacks, please let me know.  With all this 'training' I'm sure I could win!

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