Monday, August 20, 2012

More of the Same

We went to the Rockies game yesterday, and it was pretty much the same as the last time we went.

(Except our seats were much higher up...which I actually loved because we were in the shade!)

Jason and Reed hung out.
I know, Reed has on a Broncos hat.  
But nobody seemed to care, I saw lots of Broncos gear at the game! 
(Actually, Broncos paraphernalia seems to be appropriate attire anywhere, anytime.)

JR cheered/booed/screamed like none other.

Kyle wasn't aware a game was being played.
He was seriously, serious about his peanuts, though.

And I wore a big hat.

So yeah, everything was just how you'd expect.

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Angie Vik said...

Go Broncos. My family are Denver Bronco fans. We have similar Bronco hats somewhere. I think it's funny that your little guy was interested in other things than the game.