Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Destruction Derby

Now really, where am I? What is this strange new land Jason has moved us to? After a foot of snow last night and snowy conditions this morning, JR comes in from school today and says, "Mommy! We were late for school this morning because we got in a wreck!"
Me (In complete mom panic mode): Oh my gosh! Are you okay? What happened?
JR: Ummm...a car ran into the bus.
At this point I grab his backpack and start searching for the note from his school. The note which will certainly give me every teeny detail of the event. But, there's no note. Nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch. I was literally holding the backpack upside down and shaking it hoping an invisible note would miraculously fall out.
Appalled at his school, I continue my questioning with JR.
Me: So tell me what happened.
JR: We were on the bus and a car hit us.
Me: And you were late?
JR: Yes! We were all late!
Me: Are you hurt?
JR: No, I'm fine.
Me (making sure my baby is really okay): Did you fall on the floor or anything?
JR: No...Can I have a snack?
Obviously JR was as fazed about this wreck as his school. So I call Jason, "JR says another car hit the school bus! They were late to school...and the school didn't even send a note! If we were at home this would have been on the news!"
Jason: Is he okay?
Me: Says he is.
Jason: Okay. I'll see you tonight.
Now that's two people who seem to be as concerned about this wreck as the school. But, luckily, I knew just the person to call. The one person who would certainly give this "incident" the dramatics that was entitled to it.
Me: Mom! JR's bus was in a wreck this morning and the school didn't even send home a note!
My mom: Oh! Is he okay?! Is he hurt?! Not even a note?! That would have been on the front page of the paper here!


Anonymous said...


Me Me Me said...

So did you call the school?????

Anonymous said...

I guess trying to question any one at school would only have put you farther out on that branch called "stangers from Texas are
now living amongst us"! Obviously, in those weather conditions it is more like an every day occurance. As long as all is well and he is OK, I guess it was just another day in the life of JR.

Jan said...

I didn't call the school, I'm guessing that "snow wrecks" are such a common occurance they don't warrent a note. But you know in Houston Mariza Reyes would have been at that school bus in a second reporting live for Channel 2!