Friday, October 15, 2010

Back in Business

In August we received heart breaking news.
Our favorite Chinese restaurant was abandoning ship to board the sushi train.  It was such bad news that JR cried.
(The child has never asked to go to McDonald's in his life, but asks constantly for us to take him to eat Chinese.)
We've been making due with the other restaurants in town, but it just wasn't the same.

Tonight we were walking by our old favorite place and our Ayi recognized it from the last time she was here.  It was too difficult for us to explain that they weren't serving Chinese food anymore and was now a sushi restaurant, so we went in.
And then the heavens began singing...

Shanghai Pearl is serving Chinese food again!

It is now a Chinese/disco/bar/sushi restaurant under "new management".  (The same guy who used to own it still does.)

Just check out these happy faces back at The Pearl!

And what a welcome back party we threw...JR acted like he was going to throw up because Ayi accidentally put a piece of sushi on his plate, Kyle broke a rice bowl in a million pieces, and Reed spilled soy sauce all over the table.  Woohoo, We love you Shanghai Pearl!


Shelly said...

Maybe they remembered that Shanghai is not, in fact, in Japan...

leiamarie82 said...

HAHAHA!!! We always say that our two (very white) children are actually Japanese and Mexican. W asks for sushi at every meal, and B only eats beans and rice. I'm totally fine with it really because it's better than eating Chick Fil A every day! =)