Sunday, October 10, 2010

Running with the Wolves

JR's school had their fun run last week and the kids were encouraged to dress as super heroes.  When I explained the costuming situation a month ago, JR informed me he didn't want to dress up, then the day before the run he changed his mind. 
With a days notice I had no time to come up with something fun and manly-fabulous, so I had to settle for the WalMart Halloween section.  My choice of Wolverine was JR approved, and I have to say, it was super easy to find him in the crowd!

I did love that most of the girls chose some form of a fairy/princess/butterfly/ballet tu-tu combination as their superhero of choice.  Just check out the get-up the girl in front of JR has on.  Super Cat Girl?

JR got pretty hot in his Wolverine suit, (And BTW, I'm gonna show my age here by saying that I can't actually say or think the word "Wolverine" unless it's done like Lea Thompson in Red Dawn style.) so the costume came off and the muscles came out.

After JR's first lap around he asked me to run with him, which was quite interesting for me since here were my running shoes that day.

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