Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who She Think She Is?

Or if you prefer we could use my alternate title: Who Dat Be?

I bought the most gorgeous nativity scene this weekend at the famous St. Francis Cathedral Basilica. I was so excited that I'd bought the last one, that I didn't notice a problem right away.

Cows and sheep? Check.
(I just love their big Restylane filled pale pink glossy lips!)

Wise men bearing gifts? Check.

Angel, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus? Check.

So if you're keeping score, that means we're missing the shepards. 

Now being raised a good Southern Baptist with a German Jew Presbyterian mom, I'm not well versed in Catholicism.  I do have lots of Catholic friends, but I've never heard them mention anything about the pretty girls visiting Baby Jesus at the manger. 

Shepards? I'm thinking not.

Don't get me wrong, I love these girls, they're precious.  I'm just honestly trying to figure out who they are! Ideas?


leiamarie82 said...


Friedt Family said...

The Innkeepers daughters?

Joseph said...

girl, that's ebony and mahogany... from cjhs

Tiffany said...

Sheperds wives. Cause the Good Lord knows the only way those men found baby Jesus was because they had some good women who made them stop for directions after they took a wrong turn and ended up in Poland.