Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Update III

Before I get into the "spring" part I was just sitting here trying to decide who's the most dramatic of the Ingersolls. Jason would tell you he's not dramatic, but really he is. When we were first married he would be on the phone every night to customers in Korea. He'd yell, scream, and stomp around the house. After he'd get off the phone I'd always say, "I'd never buy anything from you!" He'd explain "that's how they do business there", but whatever, he loved it. So yes, Jason is dramatic too. So my mini-Jason/#3 dramatist* gets off the bus today wearing his "I'm so pitiful it's just pitiful" face. (Here's where the "spring" part comes in.) Obviously the moms who sent their kids to the bus in shorts this morning know a thing or two about Durango weather because JR couldn't tell me enough times how hot he was. (He was only wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt and wind-pants...the way he acted you'd have thought I'd made him wear a parka!) He told me how they now go outside for PE and he was hot. He was hot at recess. He was hot on the bus. And how he could hardly walk home he was so hot. (BTW, the high today was 60.) As we were walking home he'd say, "I just don't know if I can make it. I'm so tired from being so hot. I'm having to walk too far in this heat. I'm going to need a big drink of water when we get home. I'm parched." (You can thank Maw-Maw for teaching him that vocabulary word.) After making the "death march" down the street to our house, I got him his glass of water and he ripped off his shirt as fast as he could. As he flopped on the couch he told me a few more times how hot he was, and was finally satisfied when I told him I would send him in short-sleeved shirts for the rest of the year. Yes, JR in his "hotness" has declared it is spring!

*I decided that the dramatic ranking of the Ingersolls is as follows: Me, Kyle, JR, Jason, Reed


Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse than being parched on a death march. I agree with the ranking. MR

Anonymous said...

well, when JR gets to come "home to Texas" he will remember what HOT is. we have enjoyed a few cool days, even had a freeze last night. But the thermometer is on the rise, supposed to be the high 70s this weekend.
Like your rating scale.

Joseph said...

Wind pants!

Granny S said...

I would say the ranking is correct - Reed is way to busy winning friends and influencing people. Kyle, on the the other hand, appears to be the silent type, but the drama side will eradicate any false impressions he may have left you with.