Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, It was Eventful

I was hoping for a non eventful trip home that I wouldn't be able to blog about, but lucky you, there's a story. We left Lovelady about 9:15 AM in a typical Texas spring downpour. The kind of storm that might just throw a tornado in your path at any second. We got to the airport in between downpours and thought we might have timed it just right. Unfortunately, seems we timed it just wrong. They closed the airport for about 20 minutes, which was really fine by me. Being a nervous flier, I'd much rather err on the side of caution than get up in the middle of a rainstorm and have to endure a "bumpy puke ride" as my friend Marica refers to it. The 20 minute closure of the airport sent all incoming flights to San Antonio, Dallas, or Austin. So when the airport opened, we had no plane and no crew. Our plane finally arrived (which had been diverted to San Antonio) and all was looking up. Until they told us our crew was stuck in Dallas...and oh by the way, your plane is broken too. At that point Jason decided our flight would probably be cancelled. A broken plane is never a good sign. To our surprise, they did find us another plane, but the crew was still in Dallas. About 3:00 PM our crew finally arrived and we all boarded the plane. Just as we were all loaded and they were about to shut the door, they told us we all had to get off the plane because it had a flat tire. (FFA regulations say you can't change a flat with people on board.) We all unloaded and stood around in the skyway for another 15 minutes. When we finally got back on, I was sitting in the front with Kyle, and Jason, Reed, and JR were sitting a few rows behind me. (Don't feel sorry for Jason, I had Kyle and JR on the way down.) I heard lots of screams coming from Reed during the flight (I kept Kyle fairly quiet by just letting him do pretty much whatever he wanted). If I have to find one positive thing about being delayed all least the weather had plenty of time to clear up, so the flight itself was just fine. We landed about 5:00 (mountain time) in Albuquerque and then drove the 4 hours on home to Durango. As Jason and I drove home he kept saying, "These kids are going to have to learn to fly at some point. They're awful! I mean, they're Ingersolls...they're just going to have to learn to fly! JR had flown all over the world by the time he was their age." Needless to say, we won't be making anymore weekend trips to Houston. Looks like it's going to be car rides only for awhile.
As for the pictures: The top one: on the way to Houston-Kyle attacking JR while he tries to work in one of his books. Kyle thinks airplane time is "playtime". Below: Jason's "easy" flight to Houston with Reed. And Kyle staying quiet when I gave him a whole bag of Nilla Wafers to eat/play with to Albuquerque.


Granny S said...

For what turned into a 14/15 hour day, I have to say you blog was kinder to the airline than I had anticipated! The pictures appear to show Reed and Kyle behaving quite well. And, of course, a pat on the back for JR, he is used to 14 hour days while traveling.

Anonymous said...

Too much toil and trouble. Don't try that again. Mr