Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shalom Y'all!

I was talking to my mom the other day and all of a sudden she said, "Oh Jan! I'm so upset! I just got the worst news." (Now normally most people would panic at a statement like that, but since I get my own flair for the dramatics from my mom, I wasn't too worried.)

My Mom: I just found out I'm not a Jew!"
Me: Really? Why not? (Thinking maybe she'd talked about genealogy with one of her cousins.)
My mom (the now non Jew): Well, I was watching this show last night, and they said that you can only be a Jew if your mom is a Jew. Your daddy can be a Jewish Rabbi, but if your mom's not a Jew, then either are you. You can also convert to Judaism, but those are the only two ways.
Me: Oh, I'm so sad for you. You love telling everybody you're a Jew.
My mom: I know! I was so upset I went and woke up your daddy to tell him. (I'm sure he was thrilled to be woken up for that little tidbit.)
Me: Well, you've been telling everybody you're a German Jew for so long, I'd just go ahead and keep telling it. It makes a good story. (And we're all about the good stories.)

So my mom, still wallowing in her new found non-Jewness, will be thrilled to hear that I got a postcard today from the Jews for Jesus! (Which is the picture I posted.) I was actually pretty excited because it starts off:
"Shalom Jan Ingersoll" (I don't think I've ever been 'Shalomed' before!)
So see, Mom, it's okay. I'm on the Jews for Jesus mailing list. And, in my book, you're still the best German Jew Presbyterian around!


Granny S said...

Good Story! For those of us that know and love your Mom, that is a real trama for her and we will all waller in her sorrow. But please, MR, Don't stop telling strangers of your proud heritage.

Anonymous said...

"flair for the dramatics"? You MUST be kidding! MR

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jan--Margaret you are the best German Jew Presbyterian I have ever known!
Love ya...Lu