Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Oprah

We drove over to Telluride today, and Jason and I both commented on how different it is than Durango. The store clerks were even less enthusiastic about their jobs than they are here. Sherry couldn't believe how friendly the owner of the yarn store was...until she told us she was originally from San Antonio. But seriously, it really is a charming little city. You can actually watch people ski down the mountain while you walk down main street. We looked for Oprah, Tom, and Katie but I guess they weren't in town today. And if you're interested in a business venture we've got one for you. We told JR we'd get him some ice cream or candy at the candy store. (Durango has about 4 candy stores on Main Street, and we thought having a candy store in town was practically a law in Colorado. I mean what cute little touristy town doesn't have a candy store?) Apparently Telluride. We couldn't find one candy carmel apples, no soft-serve cones, not even a jaw breaker. We drove all the way back to Durango (2 hours) and wound up at Dairy Queen. So if you're looking for something to stimulate the economy, I'm thinking Telluride needs some sweets...pronto!


Anonymous said...

I guess you missed out on The Sweet Life located downstairs on main street. 1950s style diner with hard pack and softserve ice cream and containers full of any kind of candy you could hop for.

Jan said...

We totally missed that! I KNEW there had to be a candy store somewhere!